Korean Bounce Creams

Consumers are discovering Korean beauty brands simply because of the innovation and beauty technology behind the products.

The Bounce

Bounce Creams.  Yep. Because the consistency is similar to a  part jelly/gel/cream combination which simply ‘bounces’ back to its formulation even when you dip in and out of the jar.  Bounce creams have a light consistency.

BeautyClickList.Com Korean Bounce Creams


Four of our picks are:

Laniege Water bank Cream
Formulated to strengthen skin and retain moisture for 24 hours. Infused with skin-perfecting Hydro Ionized Mineral Water.

Enprani Dreams Come True Melted Cheese Cream 
This cream is not made from nor smells like cream cheese – it has the consistency of cream cheese and uses whey in its formulation. Get set for smooth, plump and bouncy skin.

Belif Aqua Bomb Cream
This soft white cream is a 26-hour moisturiser cream which keeps the skin soft and smooth with Comfrey Leaf extract.

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream

Garnier have used Korean formulation technology and launched their own version of the bounce cream.  Their Miracle Sleeping Cream smooths and moisturises the skin during the night and is designed to lessen the signs of fatique and tiredness.


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